5 Ways to Find a Minister for a Bilingual Wedding Ceremony

Planning a bilingual wedding ceremony? The first step is to look for a bilingual wedding officiant in Austin. Here are easy tips to follow:

Start with referrals

Your friends and family are a great source of information. Call them up and ask if they’ve used or know of anyone who knows bilingual officiants. This can help jumpstart your search and give you more than enough to make for a decent shortlist of names.

Look online

A bit of research also helps. Look for wedding officiants in your area and start from there. Finding local officiants is often ideal since they often have no problem in getting to and from the site of the wedding ceremony or the reception venue.

Talk about the ceremony

Not all officiants like it when you change the wedding vows. Say you—or your partner—are bilingual and plan on using both languages in the wedding, including writing your own vows. That’s an excellent way to personalize the ceremony, says Brides. However, not all officiants will agree with it so before you go any further in your discussions, ask them about it. Talking about this early on can save you a lot of time and trouble.

Consider your comfort levels

Once you do have a list of bilingual officiants or ministers for your wedding, meet up with them, one by one and determine which officiant is the best one for the job. Who are you most comfortable with? Who do you find easy to talk to? Do you and your future spouse both like your officiant? That matters too.

Determine availability

If you’ve settled on an officiant, be sure to inform him of the wedding date and time as well as venue early on. That way, if the wedding site is a bit of a distance away and they say no, you’ll have time to look for another bilingual wedding officiant in Austin.

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