The pizza seatbelt: saying goodbye to the sloppy pizza delivery

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Food & Drinks

If you have ever ordered pizza, then chances are high that you have experienced this is the most common customer complaints in the pizza delivery sector. Every pizzeria out there has been in this position before; customers calling complaining about their toppings and cheese having slid to one side of the pizza while being transported. Sometimes, no matter how hard the delivery guy works, there is just no stopping nature taking its toll. Clever pizzeria owners know that this is where they achieve their competitive advantage; using the pizza seatbelt. It is a solution that is has been staring the pizza owners right in the face for the longest time.

The seatbelt

The pizza seatbelt is an angled platform that is used during delivery. It keeps the pizza level during the delivery process working like a car seatbelt on the delivery bag. It is firmly set into place like the passenger seatbelt, and can fit into different kinds of transport means. It also has raised guards on the sides of the platform that protect the pizza from sudden stops and swift turns. If you one of those that are huge fans of online pizza delivery in San Diego, CA, you will be happy to know that it is easy to install and will keep in place the hot toppings that make your pizza so delicious.

Created by an experienced pizzeria operator Giuseppe Di Fiore, it is one of the most innovative products in the pizza industry. According to him, after having worked in the pizza making and delivery industry for close to 4 decades, he was losing close to 200 pizzas every year. Customers would call complaining, some just to provide feedback and other very mad.

But the pizza seatbelt is not just exclusive to pizzas. Any food that needs to be kept level when being delivered can benefit from the seatbelt. Cakes, desserts and other foods can enjoy the security provided by the pizza seatbelt in transit. Ultimately, the winner is the pizzeria. They can deliver food on time, attract and retain customers and save on the costs involved in dealing with customer complaints. Like us at Facebook

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