The Importance of Packaging in Handling Chemicals

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Plastic Fabrication Company

When dealing with chemicals, the packaging is extremely important. Whether you’re dealing with dangerous substances that can damage skin and soft tissues or one that can be risky upon inhaling, proper packaging is a top priority. Storage, shipment and protection while handling all rely on the effectiveness of the chemical packaging supplies that contain these products.

Why Safety Counts

It may seem obvious why we strive to protect ourselves from the chemicals we may come in contact with. Avoiding injury, illness and damage to property are all important, but business owners whose staff may need to handle chemicals have additional concerns, as well.

Every year, many workplace injuries and health concerns are caused by unintended contact with chemicals. In a recent check of over 1,800 facilities, two out of every three were shown to be deficient in their chemical handling tools and procedures. With rates this high, it’s no wonder so many people are hurt or made ill on the job. These instances of sickness and injury cause lost productivity, lost jobs and lower quality output by staff members, costing businesses millions.

The Safety Solution

These problems serve to highlight the need for effective chemical packaging supplies. Not only is proper storage of the upmost importance, but so is a safe and secure movement of these substances in shipping and handling. The solution for this multifaceted need is packaging supplies that keep you and your chemical products safe at every step.

Champion Plastics is a packaging supplier that provides such solutions to the industries of chemical, food, medical packaging and many others. Today’s plastics are the safest and simplest solution for preventing contamination, reducing illness and injury caused by chemical exposure and minimizing damage to property. If you need more information about the best in plastic containment food, chemicals, medication and more, contact the industry-leaders at Champion today.

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