The Factors That Determine Child Custody In Dayton, OH

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Divorce and Custody

Ohio courts make determinations about child custody based on what is right for the child. The court evaluates specific factors to identify which parent should acquire custody. However, in the state of Ohio, children aren’t allowed to designate with whom they wish to live.

Determining the Wishes of the Parents

When the parents are unable to reach a resolution, a judge consults the parents to identify their wishes. The point is to attempt to find common ground and make a choice that benefits both parents. However, if these wishes don’t reflect the most appropriate setting for the child, the judge modifies the arrangement.

Stability and a Positive Environment

When choosing between parents, the court determines which parent offers the most stability. Children need to live in an environment where they are encouraged to maintain a stable relationship with both parents. Parents who make attempts to use the children to punish their former spouse don’t reflect the most appropriate choice. The court won’t choose a parent that offers a hostile or unhealthy environment for the child.

Financial Stability is Necessary

The court won’t render a decision about Child Custody in Dayton OH based on which parent earns the most money. However, the court places the child with a parent who is stable financially. The custodial parent receives child support after custody is determined, but they should have their own income as well.

Domestic Violence and Protection Orders

A history of domestic violence affects the custody assignment. If either parent has a protection order, the court evaluates the conditions of the order. Any violation of the order incurs criminal charges. A parent with a history of violent behavior, drug or alcohol abuse, or similar activities is less likely to acquire custody.

Child custody assignments reflect the most appropriate setting for the child. Their interests and well-being for foremost in the court’s decision. Parents who can’t agree appear in court for a custody hearing. Each side will discuss their views and desires. However, the final determination is up to the judge. To learn more about Child Custody in Dayton OH, contact an attorney promptly.

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