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When it comes to plating, almost any metal can be treated to enhance and/or improve its natural qualities. The industry plates any number of metals as either a substrate or the plating metal. Copper, nickel, lead and tin are commonly applied to other basis metals. There is also a demand for gold and even a silver plating service. In both cases, the expense involved in producing a pure silver or gold item is a concern. Yet, there are more than one reason why silver plating is demanded by certain industries.

What Is Silver Plating?

Electroplating is the overlay of one metal (or even plastic) by another. With silver plating, silver acts as the overlaying metal. In the case of silver plating the service has few restraints on the choice of the basis metal. Certain extra steps, however, must be taken if the substrate is steel, zinc or zinc-based alloys.

Silver Plating Service: Types of Finishes

The intent of silver plating is to instill certain characteristics in the selected basis metal. A silver plating service also provides a specific choice in finishes. What is elected depends upon the requirements made by the client, the types of chemical process used and any preferences requested by the customer. Essentially, silver plating finishes are considered:

* Bright

* Semi bright

* Matte

What is important is that the aesthetic appearance may differ but the rationale for choosing silver over other metals remains the same.

Why Prefer Silver Plating Service

A silver plating service is selected by several industries for components for any of many good reasons. Silver plating is prized for what it can bring or add to a less precious metal. This includes:

* The highest level of electrical conductivity

* High thermal conductivity

* Resistance to corrosion

* Spectral reflectivity

* Heightened malleability

* Enhanced solderability

* Antibacterial qualities

* Improved capacity by the plated object to receive paint

* Superior lubrication

Silver plating service may or may not include tarnish resistant treatment. When added to the plating bath this may affect the degree of finish both in terms of the brightness and smoothness of the silver coating. As a result, great care must be taken when adding the tarnish resistant chemicals to the bath. Monitoring must be made of the amounts and types used as well as the potential effects they may have on the silver and the base metal.

Silver Plating Service

A silver plating service is not among the least expensive forms of plating. Yet, because of the ability of silver to improve and enhance the substrate, it has become popular for certain industries and their components. Among popular usages for the silver plating service of highly skilled companies are those who produce electronics as well those who are in the medical and military fields.

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