Teardrop Breast Implants Versus More Traditional Round Breast Implants

by | Jan 27, 2015 | Business

There are thousands of plastic surgeons that offer round and teardrop breast implants in New York. Choosing which type of implant is right for your breast augmentation depends on your body type and current body shape, plus how much current breast tissue exists and how the breast implant will be placed (either over the muscle or under). Consultation with a physician prior to settling on a type of breast implant is your best bet to make sure you choose the look and feel that you want. You and your plastic surgeon will help determine whether teardrop breast implants or the more traditional round implants are right for you.

Rounded breast implants offer more fullness in the top part of the breast while teardrop breast implants give a more natural look.

More about Teardrop Breast Implants: Higher Cost, but a More Natural Look

As the name suggests a teardrop breast implant gives the client a teardrop look that is often thought of as more natural. A fuller base of the breast often provides greater projection than round implants. As a drawback, teardrop breast implants often cost more than alternatives. You can however find teardrop breast implants in New York on many models, actresses and socialites. They are becoming more and more popular despite the premium price.

While teardrop breast implants are becoming more popular round breast implants are still the most common.

Traditional Breast Implants: More Lift and Fullness

Round breast implants are still the most popular type of implant shape. Patients like round implants because they offer lift and that desired cleavage. This fuller look (than a teardrop breast implant) is perfect for women who want the predominant fullness to come from the top of their breasts. Round breast implants are cheaper than teardrop breast implants. They do not offer that same natural look however. The ultimate decision is up to you.

Breast implants should not be a hastily made decision. Purchasing teardrop breast implants in New York or going with round traditional breast implants is really a matter of preference, but a decision that should always be made with the help of a local plastic surgeon you trust. Each shape offers its advantages and disadvantages. First, find a quality plastic surgeon and consult with them on the different options and best choices for your body type.  Consider the amount of upper breast tissue and how you would like the implants to look and feel. Breast implants have come a long ways in the past 30 years, and now include many natural feeling and looking options. Once you decide implants are right for you, you will feel more confident in your final implant choice if you fully researched all the options ahead of time.

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