Taking Care of Leather Shoes

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Shoe Store

When you finally find that ideal pair of tall women’s shoes, then you feel ecstatic. We know the feeling! Nothing beats hitting the pavement or stepping into a party with a gorgeous pair of tall leather boots. They are the ideal accessory for any fashionable and trendsetting woman, so be sure to take good care of them. Here are some tips from the experts on how to ensure that your leather shoes stay in the best shape possible for a long time to come.

Removing Dirt without Damaging

While there are different types of leathers, there is a way to clean each of them, so do not worry! First of all, you must determine which category your pair falls into. For full-grain, use a dry cloth to wipe away dirt and residue in a gentle sweeping motion. Beeswaxes and oiled varieties also require a dry cloth or rag, as well as an instant cleaner that is made for that specific type. Patent products should be rubbed with a damp rag that contains just a bit of soap. Do not scrub, but ensure that all of the dirt and other particles are removed!

Weatherproofing Women’s Boots

Now you may want to make sure that your fabulous footwear is ready to take on any kind of climate! So since you will probably be wearing a beautiful boot in the colder months, it is a smart move to get it weatherproofed. To do this, just use a spray (it is best to use one that does not contain silicone). You can also try a product that is made for rain and water resistance. Just spray each pair and make sure to cover the entire surface area. Then they should be all ready to go! It is as easy as that!

Storing Them the Simple Way

Finally, what about the warmer months when you do not want to wear thigh- or calf-high footwear? Well, you can keep them stored in a room-temperature location (too much humidity will not be good for them.) Be sure that they do not droop or sag. To remedy this situation, try rolling up some newspapers or magazine and stuffing them inside, simulating an actual leg. This way, there are no unattractive creases or wrinkles in them.

Now you know all there is to ensure you have the cutest, comfiest, and classiest boot out there! There may be a shopping spree in your future!

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