Stainless Floor Drain: Why So Popular?

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Steel Fabricator

Whether you’re building a new facility or upgrading your current one, a stainless floor drain should be part of that system. Drainage systems are often overlooked or hastily put together because most people don’t realise how essential they are. While you know you have rules and regulations for them, they must also stand heavy foot and equipment traffic daily. Drains may not seem highly innovative, but they have changed significantly from the past. They’re now designed to handle the harshest conditions and deal with abuse that traditional commercial drains can’t handle.

A stainless floor drain can work well in a variety of industries, such as food processing plants, beverage processing plants, hospitals, washrooms, service bays, and many more. You never want to deal with a bottleneck where one area of production is slowed or halted because the drains backed up. It can be a stressful time, but it also hurts your bottom line. Therefore, you need drains that are well designed so that they eliminate build-up. Along with such, the holes should be small enough that debris cannot enter, but have enough of them so that large amounts of liquid can quickly be drained.

At Premium Grating, they don’t just manufacture everything and wait for you to buy it. Their products are designed and created based on your particular needs. Therefore, you can’t just order something and have it shipped. It takes a little extra time because they focus on you and don’t cookie-cutter their products in hopes that they meet your needs. They do have three primary styles, such as dimples, diamonds, and wedges. They also have a variety of sizes. If these aren’t appropriate for your stainless floor drain and desires, they can customise anything in their series to meet your needs. Like us on Facebook.

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