Simple Ways You Can Increase Your Brand’s Reach from Facebook

by | Jun 24, 2015 | Advertising Agency

Simple Ways You Can Increase Your Brand’s Reach from Facebook

Facebook is one of the most solid social networks, especially for brands. There is just so much a business can do on Facebook to attract heaps of audience. However, not every business has experience doing that and instead of opting for highly effective simple techniques, they go for complicated paid tools. Let me tell you that Facebook provides several free opportunities for businesses to improve their reach, traffic, and sales. Long Island advertising agencies have experience working on such techniques that give out the best results. Well, let’s look at the ways a business can utilize Facebook for maximum reach.

Getting Social Share Plugins
Social share plugins are just incredible. You can simply get Facebook plugins and add them on the different pages of your website. These plugins will help you get your content shared on Facebook for maximum reach and traffic.

Post Links on Facebook
Long Island advertising agencies give the most attention to adding links to Facebook pages of brands. The reason behind this great use of links on Facebook is to increase traffic to the brand’s website. The most attractive thing about Facebook is that it is a platform where users can share and like someone else’s content. This proves to be specifically helpful for businesses that want more people to view their offerings and pages. Let’s take a look at the different ways Long Island advertising agencies make use of links on Facebook.

* Posting link to a blog post in the status box.
* Adding link by making the post ‘text-only’ for greater reach.
* Adding links to the description of images and videos for high website traffic.

All of these practices are effective for directing users to your website through Facebook.

Starting Facebook Contests
Who doesn’t like taking part in a content to win free gifts? Well, I do.

Many Long Island advertising agencies believe in Facebook contests because they attract users the most. The best thing about having these contests on Facebook is that people can share it with their friends. If you want people to view your products and services on your website, you can ask them to visit your website for the more information. It is simple; just post a link to your website in the description box of the contest image. This contest will allow you to reach to thousands of people that might be your potential customers.

If you want your brand to be promoted through Facebook for any reason, you can take help from Walter F. Cameron Advertising, Inc. this is a complete advertising company that offers services in print, digital, broadcast, branding, media planning & buying, and production.

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