Signs Your Asphalt Needs an Asphalt Repair Service in Lansing, MI

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Business

Asphalt is constantly under attack from the pressure of cars and the damaging effects of the weather. Like all materials, these effects can cause different problems that have to be addressed. These are some of the issues that can make your asphalt look old and neglected. If you have any of these issues, you should consider getting it fixed to improve the curb appeal and add value back to the property.

One of the things that requires a Lansing MI Asphalt Repair Service is the development of potholes. Potholes can occur when the soil underneath is not as stable as it is in other areas. The weight of vehicles can also cause the asphalt to collapse in weak areas. These potholes will only get bigger over time. Eventually, they can get big enough to damage tires and axles. Thus, it is important to get these areas reinforced before they cause damage to vehicles that have to travel over them.

Another issue that can occur is cracking. Cracks occur when the soil shifts after a rainstorm that drenches the soil or when the soil dries out a lot. While cracks aren’t damaging to vehicles, they have a damaging impact on the curb appeal of the building. This can turn off potential customers from businesses. For homeowners, this can decease the curb appeal and the perceived value of the home.

Faded asphalt also needs attention from a Lansing MI Asphalt Repair Service. Fading happens with continuous exposure to the sun. Like all things exposed to the sun, fading is a sign of damage that has already occurred. It also signifies that there is a breaking down of the components in the asphalt. If left unattended for too long, the asphalt will eventually break down and create cracks as well as potholes.

Poorly maintained asphalt is a sign of neglect for many buildings. This can decrease the value of the home or business. Thus, if you see any signs that your asphalt has sustained damage, then you need to address the problems quickly. Otherwise, more problems can occur due to the neglect of not caring for it properly.

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