A Baby Robe for Your Baby

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Business

Bath time for baby! Whether you’re bathing a tiny newborn or a robust, pink-cheeked six-month-old, bath time can be a fun experience for parents and new offspring. Fill up the sink with fragrant bubbles and let your little one splash around with toy squeaky ducks. (Hint to parents: it’s also a great time to take pictures that will embarrass your kids seventeen years later on prom night.)

There are few things more adorable than a baby in a bathtub. But when your baby gets out of the tub, you don’t want him or her to be cold. If you get a cute little baby robe, your baby can easily and naturally dry off, eliminating chills and discomfort. You don’t want your little one to get cold after a nice long splash in a warm tub or sink. Here are a few benefits for buying a baby robe.

A Baby Robe Keeps Your Infant Warm
When you finish bathing your tiny baby, you’ll want to dry him or her off. But it can be tough to fully dry a wiggly baby. The little fists and feet are kicking continuously. If you don’t dry your baby off immediately, he or she can get cold and possibly catch a chill. A fluffy, comfortable baby robe will dry even the most wiggly and active of babies.

You’re a busy parent and might not have the time to fully dry your baby with a conventional towel. So a warm terry-cloth robe would be a good option to wrap your infant in so they can dry naturally instead of rubbing them continuously with a towel. You can carry your baby around while he or she dries naturally within the soft comfort of the robe.

A Baby Robe Helps Keep Your Baby’s Skin Intact
Babies have notoriously soft, sensitive skin that becomes irritated if rubbed with a towel. Skin rashes leave your baby cranky and irritated; at worst, they can become infected and painful. If you dress your baby in a baby robe after bath time, you’re helping to keep your new darling’s skin from becoming red and irritated from towel rubbing. Robes are made of the softest terry-cloth material available and will keep your little one’s skin intact.

A Baby Robe Looks Cute
It’s not a scientific reason or benefit, but let’s face it: baby robes are absolutely adorable. There’s nothing cuter than a teeny little baby in an even teenier little bathrobe. You can order baby bath robes in every color possible- blue, pink, sunshine yellow- and even get them monogrammed with your little one’s initials. They’re only babies once; enjoy the moment with a cute, comfortable, personalized baby robe that keeps your little one’s skin from becoming irritated and provides a warm place to dry off naturally. For more information visit gotobaby. or you can follow them on Twitter.


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