Sandplay Therapy: Benefits

Couples who are struggling to remain in a solid relationship often reach out to therapists who can help them find a common ground, and communicate more naturally and easily. Traditionally, talk therapy was the most common way to help couples through the rough spots of their marriage, but over the years, therapists have employed other methods.

One of these options is sandplay therapy. Though it might seem a bit elementary or even childish, there are many benefits to this type of therapy for people of all ages, including adults and couples. Many are amazed by the benefits they see from this type of therapy.

Sandplay is often used in conjunction with talk therapy. In other words, it supports what couples learn during their session with their therapists. Sandplay therapy benefits include allowing the participant to express themselves in a constructive manner and also helps to heal a person’s psyche, which could be damaged from months or years of conflict with a partner. Additionally, sandplay serves as a way for the client to create their inner thoughts in a viewable way, which can help their partners understand them. People of all ages also use sandplay to get through trauma and abuse.

If you are looking for a supplemental therapy or primary therapy that includes sandplay, From 2 to 3 can help. They are fully committed to helping couples and their families overcome challenges that might occur in their relationship. They use a number of methods to achieve this, including sandplay. The counsellors can evaluate your specific needs both as an individual and a partner, and then suggest the right type of therapy for you and your family. They have helped countless couples and individuals with their varied therapy options, including sandplay therapy, and they can help you and your family, too.

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