Precision CNC Turning Services

Precision CNC turning is one of the processes used in creating a variety of specialty parts and components. Specialized equipment is used to shape the texture, diameter, strength and features that are required to make parts which fit properly and achieve maximum function in their application. The powerful innovation of this modern technology has made it possible to arrive from design to production in record time, making prototype and exact duplicate production possible.

How Precision CNC Turning Works

Powerful CNC lathes are control equipped with computer software which is fully programmable to achieve precision results in production. Features are integrated into the software that allows for optimizing the machine time, reducing redundancy and programming time while producing the desired surface finish. What this means for customers who use this service is their turned parts will be manufactured to exact specifications. State of the art technology provides for less production time and faster turnaround of the finished products as well as lower costs due to increased manufacturing flow.

Industries which Rely on Precision CNC Turning

Most industries use the goods produced through precision CNC turning. Electronics, food services, military, industrial, agriculture, medical and transportation are examples of industries that rely upon precision turned products. Here are some of the applications for the end products. Firefighting equipment, sporting goods, diesel power generation, diesel locomotives, aftermarket automotive suspension, industrial packaging, production automation, military vehicle transmissions, forklift parts, stud welding equipment, fasteners of all types, X ray tubes, Geiger counter components, and the list goes on.

Types of Materials Used

Wide assortments of different materials are used for turned goods. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, nickel, bronze, cast iron and a score of plastic materials. Whatever the need for compliance with specifications, most materials can be used in the CNC precision turning process. Prototype parts can also be created in a variety of different materials and designs.

At Jifco Products, Inc., their expert CNC machinists use state of the art equipment to achieve high quality results for their customers. Regardless of the size of the job, the number of items in the lot or the types of materials used, they are able to help. Jifco has built their reputation by providing quality results at affordable prices with fast turn around and delivery times. For more information on CNC precision turning, contact their knowledgeable staff to discuss your needs. You can learn more about their services by visiting

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