Paper Shredding Services in San Diego offer Secure Disposal of Sensitive Information

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Business & Society

Paper shredding is very important for any company or individual. It is the best technique to destroy the paper documents with sensitive information. Paper shredding services in San Diego are known for their secure disposal of papers with confidential content.

Paper shredding companies use powerful machines to shred the paper documents into very small pieces. They are trimmed down into very tiny shreds which are not at all readable. This process makes sure that the important information does not reach the wrong persons. Your competitors or other people can use the information to damage your business or reputation if the content is not properly disposed. Paper shredding services in San Diego can help you in this regard and they destroy the documents completely.

Paper shredding companies usually offer two types of services. They are off site and on site shredding services. You can select the service which best suits to your requirements.

Off Site Services

In this service, the paper documents are forwarded to paper shredding company where bulk documents are processed to shredding. Your documents are completely destroyed along with various other documents too. You can handover the documents to the company or a representative collects them at your own place. The fee charged for this service is low compared to the on site service. Paper shredding services in San Diego offer high quality off site service. They keep the documents confidential till shredding and they make sure that the files are turned into small bits of paper which are unusable for procuring any information. You can select this service if the budget is tight and the documents are not of top security.

On Site Service

In on site service, the documents are destroyed at your place. Paper shredding services in San Diego bring the shredding machines to your office or house and carry out the paper shredding. This service usually demands a premium for the on site shredding process. While this process can set you back by a few bucks, it offers top security to your documents. This technique is very useful for you if the documents have to be concealed at any cost before shredding.

Shredding services versus shredding machines

There are various shredding machines available in the market, but they are not feasible like shredding services. They cannot shred the paper documents in tiny pieces like in the case of shredding services. They require frequent maintenance and qualified personnel to operate, which increases financial burden. Hence paper shredding services are best any day compared to the shredding machines available in the market.

Paper shredding services in San Diego are very professional and offer the shredding services for competitive prices. Click here for more information.

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