Needing Hazardous Waste Clean Up in Atlanta GA

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Emergency Clean-up Services

The government has several categories of hazardous waste. Surprisingly, something in every category can be found in the home. It is illegal to dump hazardous waste in landfills. There are special places designated for hazardous waste disposal. First, there is waste that can easily spark a fire. Second, corrosive wastes are things like acid. Batteries are a great example of this type of waste. Reactive wastes are items like propane tanks or old lawnmowers. These things can explode and leak harmful fumes or gases. Disposing of hazardous waste properly is vital because a lot of waste is toxic and can kill.

It is advisable to call professionals for Hazardous Waste Clean Up in Atlanta GA. You may be trying to sell a property that contains a lot of these items. Visit the website for more information. Other common household items that may be hazardous include cleaning solutions, swimming pool chemicals and paint. Often, things can happen that result in hazardous waste. For instance, your business could be the scene of a crime. If so, there may be blood left behind. It is advisable not to clean it up yourself. Indeed, blood products should be handled and disposed of professionally.

It is becoming quite common to find houses that were used as meth labs. This is very dangerous and the house should be cleaned by experts. Many of the products used in making meth are harmful to people. They can get sick with things like respiratory issues, headaches and skin irritation. Examples of products used to make meth include ammonia, ether, paint thinner and phosphorus. In addition, criminals use cooking equipment to make the drugs. Hazardous Waste Clean Up in Atlanta Georgia can be deadly. Professionals know how to get rid of old lab equipment and chemicals. It is not unusual to find that the plumbing is contaminated. Often, chemicals get dumped in the drain and toilets. Further, the furnace, air ducts and air conditioner need to be checked for contamination. Call a professional company if you have a building or area that needs to be cleaned. Do not take a chance and dispose of waste. You could be breaking the law. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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