Make Your Catholic Wedding Magical

by | Jun 14, 2016 | Weddings

You managed to receive permission from your priest to hold your wedding outside of your local Catholic church and have the new location picked out and booked for the big day. In order to make your big day as beautiful as a Catholic wedding should be, you must know what to look for in your ceremony. In the United States, one thing is true no matter your culture, religion, country, or social class—you must have a wedding officiant in order to make the ceremony legal. A Catholic wedding is filled from start to finish with beautiful ceremonies, rules, and important vows. For a couple of this faith, it is important to receive the same ceremony and rituals outside the church as they would inside.

You Have the Right to Choose

If your local church is old and a bit unsightly, there is no reason why you should be forced to hold your wedding there. Although Catholic law does not allow for a wedding at Disneyland, for example, there is plenty of room for a beautiful wedding outside your church with your priest’s permission. It is brought down to suitability. If you have a beautiful garden in the back of your home, or you wish to hold your wedding at a San Antonio or Austin venue, you can do so, with permission. Your Catholic wedding is a sacred, time-honored event celebrated by thousands before you. You deserve only the best from your church.

Take Advantage of Ceremony

Although the average wedding is already filled with ritual and quite a bit of pomp and circumstance, you can achieve so much more. Go online right now and research TX wedding ministers in your area with all the qualifications to oversee your wedding and make it something you will never forget. You deserve perfection, and you only get to enjoy this big day once in your lifetime.

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