Great Marketing Methods for Golf Courses

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Business

Golf is a game of traditions, but your marketing methods should be anything but conventional. Are you unable to attract new members, sell merchandise or draws crowds to your events and tournaments? It is probably time to try fresh updated golf course marketing strategies. The industry itself has not seemed to have kept up with the advances in marketing and seems to be stuck in the cycle of advertising in television, in print ads and through letter campaigns. There are new and original ways that you could be using to catch the eye of young savvy golfers.

Make Use of Social Media

If you do a Facebook search for “golf courses” or “golf clubs” you won’t find but two or three entries. This is a treasure trove for marketing use. Facebook was made to market golf courses. The best part is that when you have a page it is free! Get creative and build your following. You can uses the page to let people know about all your events, merchandise sales, talk up your course pro and any other thing you care to share.

Use Online Advertising

Advertising using the traditional methods of television, magazines and radio ads can be pricy and are not worth the money since you are still struggling. Compare the cost per ad on sites like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or others where you can target specific demographic groups like golfers in their 30’s who like craft beers and late afternoon tee times. You cannot do that with the traditional ways.

Update Your Website

Does your website look professional and grab viewers with that wow factor? Does it do justice to the beauty of your course? Can people find it easily and when they do, is the info on it current? If these answers are not resounding yeses, then you need to update your site. Paradigm Golf Group can provide you with the marketing strategies and tools such as these and more to increase your membership and your bottom line.

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