Maintenance Tips for Air Conditioning in Reno

by | May 27, 2015 | Air conditioning

An Air Conditioning system is considered one of the most important aspects of a home. In Nevada, temperatures can easily soar above one-hundred in the hot summer months. Homes without air conditioners can reach extreme temperatures that make them unbearable. This is why it is imperative homeowners do all they can to properly maintain their systems. With routine maintenance tasks, expensive repairs can be avoided, and the unit’s life can be prolonged.

Homeowners who have air conditioning in Reno need to be aware of the importance of maintenance in keeping their system operating at its best. While there are some tasks the homeowner can carry out, others must be done through a professional.

The most important thing a homeowner can do is to keep their filters changed regularly. When this is neglected, dirt and debris will clog the filter and reduce air flow. As the filter becomes overly full, it will allow some dirt to bypass it and get into the system where it clings to the coils. This dramatically reduces the ability of the coils to properly remove the heat from the air.

Ideally, filters should be changed every month or more often in periods of high usage. Filter changes are the easiest method of keeping a unit working properly. Since filters are typically inexpensive, this is not an expensive maintenance task and should be carried out on a regular basis.

Another easy task is keeping the condensate tray and drain clean and free of mold and mildew growth which could impede water drainage. This task is easy and needs to only be carried out every three months. Simply wiping down the tray and pouring a small amount of bleach in the drainage line can keep mold and mildew growth under control, so the system operates properly.

These tips for air conditioning in Reno can help to keep a system working properly, so a home stays cool and comfortable. For more information on professional HVAC maintenance, repair and installation services, visit They offer the expert services homeowners can rely on. Contact them today and schedule your maintenance appointment.

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