Learn How To Make Flavored Moonshine Recipes With A Homemade Still

by | Dec 22, 2016 | Food & Drinks

If you’re like most people, you’d love to save money on alcohol that you love to drink. Some people enjoy doing things themselves because they can control the quality and quantity while others are hoping to save some money. While it will require an initial investment and the ingredients to make, you can use it as a money-saving tool, especially if you prefer your own blends or want to experiment with various alcohols.

Get The Plan

The first step to making handcrafted whiskey is to find reflux still plans in a PDF format or another format that you like to use. However, PDF options work well when viewing the diagram and the finished picture of what it should look like. Plus, it may be easier to print or view on your Smartphone.

It’s easy to search for reflux still plans in PDF format, but make sure it is a full plan, including materials and tools required, how to select boilers, and how to build all components. Reflux still plans in PDF can work just as well as professionally designed stills and can cost you less to build than to buy.

Get The Recipe

The next step is to determine which moonshine recipe you’ll love the most. Flavored moonshines can give you endless possibilities. It can also be referred to as white whiskey or white lightning, so if you’re searching online for the best recipes, you’ll know where to go. DIY alcohol is usually a higher-proof spirit than what you can buy in the store. You can find recipes for a caramel apple, cherry pie, a variety of lemonades, spiked ice tea, various pies, and so much more. The flavored moonshine recipe starts with the basic recipe, which can be on from your favorite website. Like us at Facebook

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