Key Points to Consider When Shopping for Class II Transformers

With such a vast catalog of Class II transformers available, it is understandably difficult for inexperienced consumers to narrow down the list of options to a singular choice. Here are several key points to put into practice to relieve that burden and make the selection process simple and smooth.

Pay Attention to the VA Rating

The volt-ampere (or VA) rating of a transformer, such as a Products Unlimited transformer, speaks volumes about its fuse and load size. When shopping for transformers, focus on the different VA ratings available in comparison to your specific project needs and expectations. Remember, the fuse needs to be smaller than the transformer’s VA rating and determines a maximum load connected to the standard transformer.

Focus on Identifying Terminal Options

In addition to VA ratings, another key point to consider is the list of available terminal options. Match the specific terminal option with the needs of your project. Do not underestimate the options, however. The last thing you want to do is try to force an inappropriate terminal option within a specific project.

In most cases, consumers and professionals go with traditional wire leads as the chosen terminal option. In addition to the wire leads and screws, you could also go with such choices as quick connect and wire leads.

Mounting Equipment

Choosing the necessary transformer is only part of the battle. After you have selected the best model for your specific project needs, you need to also pay close attention to the mounting equipment options available. Study the specifications outlined by the manufacturer of your transformers to determine what type of mounting option(s) you should consider.

For instance, most transformers are mounted with a foot or panel selection. However, there are some models that still rely on mounting plates. You need to ensure that your chosen transformer as well as the mounting option to support it work well with your project requirements.

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