Keep it Clean, Keep it Healthy – When to Clean Your Water Filter

We task our air and water filtration systems with a lot. For water purity in particular, we demand drinking water that is safe, healthy and convenient, adding more features to our filters with every generation. When was the last time you gave a little back to our filters?

Proper cleaning and care of water filter components will serve owners well – not only in ensuring their devices are clean enough to continue clearing their water of unsafe substances, but also that they last as long as possible.

When to Clean, When to Change

The typical cleaning schedule for a reverse osmosis water filter is every three to twelve months, depending on the usage the filter is subjected to. Taking note of measurable values such as salt content, pressure decreases or rises will assist owners in knowing when to perform maintenance. Among necessary physical tools such as a cleaning tank and pump, soft water should be used not only for cleaning but for diluting cleaning chemicals.

Of course, there will come a time when filter components reach the end of their life span and must be replaced, rather than cleaned and maintained. When this happens, it’s important to replace items promptly, and source your components from a reputable retailer. From there, it’s all about upkeep and long-term maintenance!

Know When to Call for Help

There are occasions in which professional help might be required to maintain your water cooler, filter or dispenser. In these circumstances, it’s important to call for assistance promptly, and to hold off on using your device until repairs or replacements of water filter components have taken place. These repairs typically take four to eight hours, after which your family can return to enjoying their fresh clean water.

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