Identifying the Necessary Steps with a Disability Attorney in Lacey, WA

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Disability Attorney

In Washington, disabled individuals who don’t know how to acquire social security disability benefits need legal assistance. Through an attorney, they could submit an application to acquire the benefits and prevent delays. A disability attorney in Lacey, WA helps them identify the necessary steps for processing these claims.

Submitting an Applications

The first step is to submit an application to the Social Security Administration. The application should provide as much information about the condition as possible, and it should list all doctors who have provided care for the applicant. It should also provide a starting date for the condition as this could help acquire a larger settlement.

Providing Medical Evidence

Next, the applicant must provide medical evidence of their condition, including their complete medical records pertaining to the identified condition. These records should begin on the starting date provided on the application. The Social Security Administration reviews these records to determine eligibility.

Securing a Medical Witness

The doctor who provided treatment should testify during the hearing and provide insight into how the condition affects the applicant’s life. They can define whether or not the condition is curable, as well as explain how the condition prevents them from acquiring a job in any field.

For example, a mental condition such as bipolar disorder could lead to sudden mood changes. The depression associated with the condition could incapacitate the applicant for days or weeks. This could prevent them from maintaining a stable work history.

Filing an Appeal After a Denial

The first step after an applicant is denied benefits is to file an appeal. The appeal leads to a hearing before a judge who makes a determination about the case. If the judge denies the claim, the applicant can file a legal lawsuit.

In Washington, any disabled individual may file a claim to acquire disability benefits which provide them with monthly payments to help them support themselves financially. The applicant must prove that they are unable to work in any job field based on their disability. Applicants who were denied benefits should contact a disability attorney in Lacey, WA through Attorneys Putnam Lieb Potvin today.

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