Three Reasons Print Ads Still Work as a Marketing Tool

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Business

If you think modern times call for modern measures think again. Print ads and print collateral still play a key role in your marketing plans. It is not safe to write off print ads and tools as something not needed for most businesses. Here are three reasons not to ignore print as a valid marketing tool:

  1. Business Tools 101: There are some things you just can’t get around when it comes to the basic business tools you require to run your company. Included in those items is your marketing collateral of which you must include business cards, stationary and in most cases some form of brochures. Many companies also require presentation folders for offers, contracts and further handouts following presentations.

  1. Raise Awareness: Most people still spend most of their day out and about on their way to and from work or school, shopping, dining out and seeking entertainment. That means that although you will reach many people online, you will still reach people who are out on the street everyday. As well people still pick up their mail and do respond and trust mail offers more than online or email offers. You can still get plenty of bang for your advertising buck using San Diego printing companies to provide everything from P.O.P. for your shop to door hangers to hang around your neighbourhood and brochures and flyers as well as post cards and direct mail pieces.

  1. Hit them where they live: You can still hit people where they live using traditional print marketing. From menus to sales flyers people still like to hold something in their hands and feel a little more trusting with something tangible. People are still a little leery of things that pop up in their in box. As well you can use print to drive people to your website with special offers, QR codes for them to scan or even a special hash tag or text number they can use. Combining the two mediums will prove very successful and your San Diego printing company has many interesting new technology they can use for direct mailings and even scratch ‘n win promotional cards.

As you can see despite the advancements of the digital world your business can still benefit from traditional print. As well there is much technological advancement in printing that makes it more affordable as well as more accessible for your business.

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