How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Canopy for Your Backyard

by | Oct 13, 2015 | Home and Garden

When your backyard is too sunny and looks dull, the addition of an outdoor canopy adds style to space while providing you a shaded space for your family. Canopies protect you from sun, rain, or just add privacy depending on what you choose. Before buying, you should consider space you have and what type of weather you’re more likely to experience while lounging outside.

Canopy Size
Choosing the size of your outdoor canopy is an important decision. Consider how much outdoor space you have, how many people will use the canopy at a time, and what furniture you would like to fit under it. The canopy should be able to fit directly on the deck or patio, and it must be erected on a flat surface.

Tent Style
Tent style varies from the canopy to canopy. Some outdoor canopies only offer shade over the top while others have curtains and netting. Some higher end canopies have a Roman shade over the top and two sides. If you prefer privacy, look for a canopy with curtains or shades. Canopies usually come in shapes such as square, triangular, and rectangular. Some companies produce hexagonal canopies.

Frame and Cover Material
Canopy frames usually come in aluminum and steel varieties. Aluminum frames do not rust, but bend easily and are suited for portable canopies. Steel frames are perfect if the canopy is a permanent fixture in your yard; however, make sure the steel is treated so that it does not rust from rain and humidity.

The type of cover material also depends on your intended use of the canopy. Polyester is a popular choice, but it alone is not waterproof nor does it protect against UV rays. Polyester with a vinyl coating is an ideal choice because it offers UV resistance and is mostly waterproof. Polyethylene is another choice, but it is a lighter material that will not stand up to heavy winds.

Pop-up outdoor canopies are easy to set up and take down. They are portable and are not for long-term use. Canopies that contain an elaborate frame are created to last. These are somewhat difficult to put together yourself but last the longest. Only consider a permanent option when you do not plan to move the canopy later.

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