The Horizontal Mixer – Industrial Applications

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Mixers and Dispensers

A horizontal mixer is a versatile machine used across a wide array of industries. Paddle, plough and ribbon designs are available, and they are designed for the mixing of powders, grains, granules, slurries and even dough. Capacities can range up to 60,000 liters. Often the mixers are custom designed for unique product blending. This type of mixer is used heavily in the baking industry, and they can be equipped for various speeds. If a kneading process is applied they are called horizontal batch mixers.

Practical Applications
Common uses for the horizontal mixer include the mixing of dry powders, and the breaking down and mixing of multiple dry ingredients. Liquids can be added and mixed into the powders, and fats can be cut into flours. Oils or any non-corrosive liquid can be introduced into the mixing process. Usually ribbon or paddle blenders are used for food products. Pastes can be mixed and stored, and agitator types vary from industry to industry.

These mixers are used in numerous industries including chemical, pharmaceuticals, mining and waste water applications. Technology is increasing the uses of the mixers, and offering an even wider range of industrial uses. Cosmetics, paints and even coffees are blended with these mixers. Fodder and seed manufacturers as well as fertilizer companies use the mixers in their processes. The mixers come in various shapes and sizes, and the rubber, plastic and ceramic industries use a double armed design. The practical applications are wide ranging.

Mixer Construction
Carbon or stainless steel with or without specialty coatings is the primary material used in the construction of the blenders. Other components include various types of drive shafts, agitators, choppers, blades and vacuum equipment. Heating or cooling systems can be added, and jackets systems for sanity mixing are available. Capacities depend on the job and industry involved, and the varieties of mixers are extensive. They are also very efficient.

The designs are simple, and cleaning is made easy with removal parts. They are strong and durable, and offer long-life use with few repairs required. Replacement parts are readily available and their prices are often very reasonable.

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