How to Avoid Problems with a Diesel Engine with a DPF Regen Treatment

by | May 3, 2017 | Business

The fuel that is required to operate a diesel engine uses a form of heating oil that releases soot that is harsh on the environment. To prevent the particulates from being released into the air, a diesel engine requires a special exhaust system that filters out the ash and soot formed when the fuel is burning. The filters that are used will reduce how much exhaust gas emissions are released into the air. Any filter in a vehicle will need to be cleaned out periodically to prevent the exhaust system from clogging up. A diesel engine will require the filter to be cleaned earlier than a traditional auto engine because of the harsh ash and soot released when the fuel is burned. A DPF regen treatment in Minnesota can help avoid engine problems and save companies money by burning off the soot while the truck is being driven.

How the Treatment Works

If the exhaust system’s filter is not regularly cleaned, it can clog the engine and create problems that prevent the truck from operating properly. This can lead to the company experiencing downtime while the truck is off the road to clean the filter or costly repairs to fix any issues that resulted from a clogged exhaust system. DPF regen treatment in Minnesota raises the temperature of the exhaust system high enough while driving to generate heat that will begin to burn the particulates off the filter.

Reduce Costs and Stay Productive

With DPF Regen, a bus or truck can remain on the road longer to increase production and minimize the amount of money that is spent on maintaining the automobile’s engine. JKG Fuel Solutions has the answer you are looking for to help save your company cost by reducing the amount of fuel consumed by your fleet and improving their performance.

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