Going Direct in Your Supply Chain

Being a small business doesn’t mean that you’re not big enough to have your own supply chain. If you think that you’re stuck paying the middleman and shelling out for someone else’s cost of doing business and overhead, it’s time to rethink your purchasing strategy and put that money back in your pocket. Going direct in your supply chain can save you a huge amount of hassle and a nice chunk of money.

Small Business is Big Business

Small businesses generate most of the jobs in the American economy. It’s not Wall Street that’s the biggest employer, but Main Street. The small business administration considers anything under 250 employees to be a small business, and while you may just be working out of a small one or two person shop, you are just as big a deal. Small businesses might not get the big spotlight in the economy, but they are nonetheless the real movers and shakers. There is even a holiday season shopping day devoted entirely to shopping at small local businesses. Started by American Express, Small Business Saturday comes after the big guns of Black Friday and keeps Main Street’s money on Main Street.


One of the ways that small businesses can reach out to vendors and customers directly is by attending a business furniture expo, and the 2016 International Woodworkers Fair in Atlanta. By exhibiting at the business furniture expo, you are bringing your finely crafted office furniture to the attention of buyers and at the same time you are able to walk the trade show and begin building your own supply chain. You will find a wealth of vendors who want you to succeed, because their success is tied up with yours.

Straight to the Source

Possibly the worst thing that any small business can do is not to plan for growth. There comes a time when you’ve moved your shop out of the garage, or struck out on your own, where you need to consider that yes, you are going to be a success. By streamlining your inventory and production processes, trying out new products, and showing your goods to a wider audience, you are sowing the seeds for future success in just a few days. You can even learn how to bring your fine office furniture to the attention of buyers with courses in advertising and marketing. Come to the 2016 International Woodworkers Fair and learn how to think and plan big.

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