Tips For Choosing The Right Carrier AC Compressor

For any government or public building or any private sector plant, building, or facility having the right HVAC system is critical to the efficiency of the building. One of the most important components of any AC system is the compressor, which is why a Carrier AC compressor is a good option in small to large sized buildings and facilities.

The Carrier line offers a full industrial or commercial building system, and they also offer a range of different Carrier AC compressor models. These are ideal as a replacement compressor in an existing system or to use for new building construction.

To save costs on a Carrier AC compressor many contractors and building owners choose a remanufactured compressor. These are fully tested and fitted with all new or recycled parts, resulting in a like-new OEM compressor at a lower cost than a new unit. However, they still carry a 12 month limited warranty and, with the new parts and the full testing, they are a dependable, reliable and effective option to help to lower the costs of replacement or new installations.

Types of Compressors

For industrial use, a Carrier AC compressor can include a reciprocating open drive or a reciprocating semi-hermetic drive. The company offers base mount drives, specifically the 5F and 5H models, which are both reciprocating open drive models. There are also several semi-hermetic and open drive compressors which are also available, but they are not base-mounted.

Capacity Considerations

With any Carrier AC compressor, it is possible to choose the correct unit by nominal capacity either in tons or in kW. The nominal capacity of the compressors will range from 15 to 150 tons and 50 to 525 kW. Selecting the correct size based on the capacity is critical to ensure top energy efficiency and to help in maintaining energy costs within a building.

It is also important to choose the right compressor to avoid overloading the AC system to keep up with demand. While any model or size of industrial or commercial use air conditioner and compressor is designed for round the clock operation, overloading the system will lead to an increased risk of failure within the individual components, including the compressor.

A Carrier AC compressor is capable of providing the continual air flow and pressure needed for any size of industrial and commercial HVAC system. With a top industry reputation and proven ability, these compressors offer a range of features and benefits that make then an excellent choice for small to large cooling needs.

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