Five Reasons For Choosing A Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace

No matter what the season, a fireplace spreads warmth. Most practical in the colder months, z crackling fire is still a welcome sight on a summer evening. If you are thinking of adding a fireplace to your home, you can escape the many of the headaches that come with a major renovation project. You can do so by choosing a zero clearance wood burning fireplace.

What Is a Zero Clearing Wood Burning Fireplace?

A zero clearing wood burning fireplace is a particular type of fireplace. It is a pre-fabricated unit that performs as a fireplace but without the hassle of major structural work. With a lightweight chimney that does not require the laying of a foundation, it can be added to your home on any floor without the expensive costs of hiring an architect or construction crew. It is also heavily insulated to allow placement in places where normal fireplaces could never have be put.

What Are the Advantages of a Zero Clearing Wood Burning Fireplace?

Elegant in appearance, the zero clearing wood burning fireplace possesses several advantages over the traditional open wood burning fireplace concept. In fact, there are at least five reasons why you should consider installing a zero clearing wood burning fireplace.

1. Fit with ease into small, unconventional spots.

2. Installation can be done with less impact on your pocketbook. In fact, as opposed to masonry fireplaces, a zero clearing wood burning fireplace is cost-effective. It can be installed without the expensive costs of masonry work and the laying of a foundation. It does not require construction specialists but the skills and expertise of trained professional technicians in this field.

3. Chimney is light-weight and insulated. This means no foundation. It provides greater leeway as to where it may be installed e.g. first or second floors.

4. Can be operated with ease and the overall maintenance is low. This is the result of such things as remotes and thermostat controls.

5. Energy efficient. There is no doubt that the latest models of zero clearing wood burning fireplace feature improved heat efficiency over the competition. In fact, its efficiency rating can be as high as 70%.

These are all qualities that make zero clearing wood burning fireplace worth considering. There are others, including appearance.

A Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace: Consider the Elegance

Today, there is no issue about style. A zero clearance wood burning fireplace comes in a dazzling array of styles. You can choose from fireplaces that are classically rustic in appearance or unabashedly modern. Whether you prefer to follow tradition or opt for contemporary, there is little doubt you will find the right type of wood burning fireplace to fit in with the décor of your home.

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