Facts About Sativa Cannabis Strains in Shoreline WA

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Business

With many states making not only medicinal but also recreational cannabis legal, it leaves the new user with a host of questions, especially when it comes to terms used within the cannabis culture. For those who wanted to know more about sativa cannabis strains in Shoreline WA, this is the article to read.

Origins Of The Species

The Sativa cannabis plant originated in countries that are close to the equator. The first strains were originally produced in such countries as Thailand, Columbia, and Mexico. Sativa plants can be recognized visually by their narrow leaves and also by the color of their leaves, which are a much lighter shade of green than the Indica strain of cannabis. The Sativa plant can grow to as high as 20 feet when outdoors and the vegetation period of the plant is considerably longer in comparison to its other cannabis cousins.

Growing The Weed

When the Sativa plant reaches what is known as the flowering stage, it can take up to a full 16 weeks to mature fully. In comparison to it cousin Indica, the Sativa plant will yield more usable bud on average but the THC content, the chemical which gets the user “high,” will be lower. The smell of the plant, whether it is in its natural setting or if it is being smoked, can vary from a sweet and fruity smell to a more earthy and peppery fragrance. The experienced user can determine what kind of strain of cannabis is being consumed simply by the smell of it.

Reasons To Use

While the Indica strain of cannabis is known for its pain relieving properties, the sativa cannabis strains in Shoreline WA are known to provide more of an energetic and uplifting feeling. Those who prescribe marijuana for medicinal purposes will often prescribe Sativa to aid in fighting depression or fatigue that can often come with certain illnesses.

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