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by | Sep 20, 2018 | Business

Are you in the midst of setting up a trade show? If so, you likely know how important the overall display setup is. Your display determines how you will market the products featured at the show to potential customers; it will be your job to draw their eyes appropriately and capture their interest. One of the best and most common forms of display is the trade show truss, which is typically organized to display the brand logo of a specific vendor and provide them with their own space to show off their product and interact with guests. What most people don’t realize is there is more than one type of trade show truss.

Double Decker

A double decker trade show truss is one of the largest and flashiest types available. By setting up this type of truss, you will essentially be giving the vendor their own miniature store space. As implied by the name, the double decker truss splits into two sections. The bottom floor typically contains product photos and advertisements, as well as display areas for all of the items brought for the trade show. At the top are brand logo signs and railings, complete with extra space the brand’s advertisement crew can use to give presentations. The top floor is accessible via stairway.


A composite trade show truss is much simpler. In terms of shape, it resembles a divider screen, but the screen typically displays the company logo and some sort of related design. It’s ideal for companies looking for something small and portable so they can easily transport their display from venue to venue.

Orbital Express

The orbital express trade show truss is maze-like in design and is meant for potential consumers to explore in order to learn more about the product. It is composed of several screens arranged to create a walkway for onlookers to navigate through. Presenters can even use this space to lead an interactive tour.

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