Durability and Reliability with Wichita Clutch

by | Sep 19, 2014 | Business & Society

When it comes to clutches that are reliable, durable, economical, and high performing for heavy duty vehicles, it doesn’t get any better than Wichita. Wichita clutch has been providing customers with premium parts for more than sixty years, and they are a leader in designing and manufacturing heavy duty brakes and clutches that are vital where industrial process equipment and heavy duty vehicles are concerned. If you want brakes or clutches that are second to none, then you can’t go wrong with choosing Wichita clutch components and parts.

Wichita has earned a phenomenal reputation in the industry. Their engineers utilize state of the art materials and technologies to give their customers solutions that meet their demanding requirements. They are backed by high caliber application experience, and as a result they are the first choice for brakes and clutches by some of the most well-known auto part distributors and dealers in the world. They have an extensive product line as well, so customers will always have access to numerous components that will meet their needs.

Whether you need air brakes, air clutches, hydraulic clutches, fluid couplings, water cooled brakes and clutches, or other parts that they manufacturer, you can always expect top of the line products for prices you can afford when you choose Wichita. The great thing about Wichita brakes and clutches is that they are versatile in their use in many industrial processes. From metalworking and marine usages to steel, pulp and paper, and energy related industries, they can be used for many different applications where durability and dependability are important.

Key Markets That Utilize Wichita Parts and Components

* Packaging Machinery
* Transportation
* Material Handling
* Metals
* Medical and Mobility
* Marine Industry
* Aggregate and Mining
* Oil and Gas

Industrial clutches by Wichita are designed for dry running with high quality gear tooth full circle friction discs. They will transmit power and motion in the drive train by going from a rotating to stationary member. When the clutch is engaged, the system will then be able to accelerate at full speed. Customers can choose up to 4 plate units and diameters of anywhere from 6” to 60”, depending on their particular needs. If you are in the market for a clutch that is built tough enough to get the job done for your heavy duty applications, then inquire at Wichita clutch today. They offer unbeatable prices, guarantees on their products, and they always strive to exceed the expectations of their valued customers.

Palmer Johnson Power Systems is the place to go for durable parts and components by Wichita clutch. View their website for further information.



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