Common Customizations Done to a 1911 Pistol

One of the most popular pistols on the market is a 1911 pistol, which has been around for decades and has increased in popularity with every passing year. Many people choose these guns for the look and aesthetic appeal. A 1911 is also known for being one of the most accurate pistols on the market, which is why it is a favourite with many competition shooters. Just like many other popular firearms on the market, there are many different customizations available that can make your 1911 fit your preferences. The following are a few of the most common types of customizations done to a 1911 pistol.

Barrels and Triggers

For many competition shooters, accuracy is everything and any customizations that improve accuracy are more than welcome. One of the most helpful customizations that you can make to improve your accuracy is a barrel bushing. This bushing will make sure that the barrel lines back up with your sights once you have made a shot, which will allow for improved accuracy. Replacing the trigger of your gun will allow less effort to drop the hammer, which can increase the amount of accuracy that you have.

Better Grips

Another common customization people make to their 1911 is new grips, which come in a variety of designs and types. You need to go to a gun store to look at all of the grips they have and choose the ones that best suit your needs. If you are unsure about the type of grips you need, you need to speak with a professional for some advice. A new set of grips will allow you to hold the gun better and will reduce the amount of kick that your firearm has when you shoot it. These grips can be made of rubber or Stainless Steel Stampings and the choice boils down to personal preference

Extended Magazine

Many people choose extended 10Mm Magazines because it allows them to fire longer rounds without changing magazines when shooting in the range. You can also choose to get your extended magazine beveled, which will reduce the amount of hang ups when trying to change out an empty clip. You need to make sure that you get the right magazine for your gun after consulting a gunsmith.

With these customizations on your 1911, both the accuracy and speed can be increased. Focus on getting customizations that are going to aid you shoot instead of going for aesthetic appeal. To know more visit.


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