Carving Your Day In Stone

by | Sep 13, 2016 | Shopping

There’s no other day in your life that will be as enchanting as the day of your wedding. So it’s important to do everything you can to retain the memories you have of that day forever. One great way to do this is to have custom made jewelry as memorabilia. In particular, having engraved cufflinks made specially for your wedding can leave you with something to look upon fondly in the future. Because your wedding is the beginning of your new life and marking that day in stone is a great way to acknowledge that. There are many things you can have engraved in your cufflinks, but the best idea is one that represents your wedding best.

The Most Important Day of Your Life

A popular thing to have engraved on a set of wedding cufflinks is the date. Because that day is so central to your marriage, having it carved into a piece of jewelry really makes a statement. You can have your wedding date engraved on both cufflinks or you can even do something more creative. Think about it, you wouldn’t be getting married if you never met her in the first place. So if you can remember the date that you met the woman of your dreams then having it engraved on the second cufflink will mean a huge deal. She’ll probably swoon a little knowing that you remember exactly when she became a part of your life.

Symbols Say It All

There’s probably something central to your relationship which has kept you going strong together for so long. It could be a hobby you engage in together or certain ideologies or worldviews you share. Regardless, representing that is almost like representing your relationship as a whole. While there’s clearly more going on between you two than that it still helps pull you together. Engraving a particular symbol which means something to both of you is a great idea if you can come up with one. If you can’t however, that’s okay. Getting your initials on one link and her initials on the other is another romantic thought which will always make you remember the day you two joined together.

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