Recent Trends in Rose Gold Grillz

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Shopping

Are you interested in purchasing rose gold grillz but are not sure exactly what style you want? Grillz are a great way to add personality to your look, especially if you opt for custom models that you can tailor to your own unique style. Where grillz were once restricted to the film and music industries, fashionistas everywhere have adopted the look. If you are dying for a set of grillz but are not certain what other aspects you want them to have, take a look at a few of the recent trends in grillz.

Diamond Bars

One of the biggest trends in grillz, regardless of the metal used, is the addition of a bar across the front. In most cases, this bar is encrusted with diamond, while in others it is merely outlined in tiny diamond fragments with the teeth on either side of the bar being filled in with stones of the same size.

Deep Cut Fangs

A recent trend in grillz is to design the teeth in a way that makes them appear to have cuts-outs. This typically occurs when the grill also has fangs. Deep cut fangs are a great way to add a bit of the supernatural to your appearance. These grillz are typically smaller than other ones, and have fewer, if any, gemstones.

Two-Tone Metals

Two-tone grillz are also incredibly popular. Customers love mixing up rose and yellow gold to make an elegant set of grillz inspired by other types of jewelry such as rings and necklaces that also combine the two materials. Grillz made in this style often use the rose gold as an accent.

Grillz can add a lot of personality to your appearance, helping you stand out in a crowd. Learning more about the trends in rose gold grillz can help you find the perfect set to complete your look. For more information visit Got Grillz.

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