Buying and steaming blue crab

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Food & Drinks

If you don’t live along the shore of Chesapeake Bay you really don’t have much of an option, you will probably have to order steamed crab from an online retailer and then season them at home. However, if you happen to live in Maryland or Virginia, you are lucky; you can buy a bushel of blue crab and head on home to prepare them. Everybody seems to have their own idea of how to go about buying and steaming blue crab but it always turns out great.

Buying crab:

Crabbing at the best of times is a challenge; the catch can go up and down by the season and even by the day. The result is; you will end up paying market price which like most commodities is based on the law of supply and demand.

Professionals that prepare steamed crab for resale have a simple system. Number one crabs are the biggest and the most expensive, they are about six inches plus across the shell. Number two crabs are smaller and less expensive but if you want any meat at all, don’t go below number two.

You can order steamed crab re-seasoned and ready to eat but for those that can, nothing beats steaming them with a bunch of family members and friends.

How are crabs steamed?

Some people have steamers but others are quite happy to use a big pot. Put water in the bottom but not enough to cover your steaming rack. Put three or four crabs belly side down on the rack and give them a good dose of your favorite seasoning. If your pot is deep enough you can add another layer of crab and seasoning. Just don’t crowd the pot, once everything is under control, put the lid on and sit back and wait, but not for long. Steaming crabs is an art form; after about 10 to 15 minutes depending on the size of the crab, check them. If they are a beautiful red-orange they are ready to eat and are delicious alone or with slaw, corn on the cob and even a side of fried chicken. For more information, Visit Harbour House Crabs.

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