Basic Shapes Of Stock Aluminum Extrusions

by | Sep 1, 2015 | Aluminum Supplier

Aluminum shaped through the process of forcing the soft, heated alloy through a die is known as extrusion. Stock aluminum extrusions are those shapes created through this process which are used in a wide variety of industries and applications.

These stock aluminum extrusions are known as stock because they are made in advance based on industry standards for specific uses. On the other hand, custom aluminum extrusions are made for one customer or one industry and are not carried on a regular basis by the aluminum extruder or aluminum company.

Buying stock aluminum extrusions typically results in a slightly lower price than a custom aluminum extrusion as there is no cost for designing and developing the die. This can be a very exacting process as the die has to be created to result in a final extrusion to meet all industry standards and requirements as well as specific customer requirements.

There are several basic shapes of stock aluminum extrusions. These will vary from aluminum supplier to supplier, with top companies offering more inventory and options than a retailer or a local fabrication or machining shop.


One of the most commonly used stock aluminum extrusions is channel. In profile, this looks like a square or rectangular shape with the top removed to form a U-shape, often with a squared-off bottom. It can have a square shape or a more rounded shape depending on the specific use.

Channel is used in many different types of fabrications and construction. Since aluminum is corrosion resistant it can be used indoors or outdoors.

Round Bar or Rod

Round bar of all sizes are stock aluminum extrusions. The diameter of the round bar can vary from very fine, at 0.250 inches to up to 12 inches or more. The specific use of the bar will also differ based on the diameter, with larger sizes often found in ship or boat construction and smaller sizes used in the aerospace industry.


There are many different stock aluminum extrusions used to create different angles and construction materials. This ranges from H-beams to Z, T and H shapes. There is also the standard L- shape that can have equal lengths on the two sides or have one longer than the other. The L-shape angle will typically have a 90-degree angle although there are other angles possible.

When looking for stock aluminum extrusions be sure to know the specific measurements you need for each section of the profile. This will ensure you get the right part for the job.

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