Affordable and Free Online Marketing Perfect for Small Businesses

by | Jun 2, 2015 | Small Business

Google and other online services such as a Canadian business directory can prove to be one of your best tools to promote your small business. Google offers many easy to use and affordable services, many of which you can use in their most basic form for free. You can also register with Canadian business directories so people can find you. Here are a few ways to leverage these services to promote your business.

Adwords and PPC

You can use Google Adwords to help try out a number of keywords to promote your website. You can incorporate the Adwords into copy and content on your site and pay as little as $10 per day using this service in hand with pay per click (PPC). This can prove very helpful. You just have to remember if it is too successful the PPC can really add up. Either way Google has the best prices in the business for the service you receive.

Local Business Listings

Services such as Google Places and Apna Toronto are easy to use as they offer a Canadian business directory that just requires registration. These free sites can be perfect for promoting your business and helping customers find you. Filling out the same, consistent information on a number of Canadian business directories in hand with Google Places will help you rise up on Google rankings when people are searching in your neighbourhood for your type of services. There are a lot of directories so registering with the free services is well worth the effort. It only takes about ten minutes of your time and will help you keep up with the competition.

Google Maps

Google Maps helps people find your location. It can also be used for more advanced purposes ideal for companies such as real estate brokers using their API application. It allows you to do a quick tour of your surrounding area as well as providing some analytical tools. These tools show you how people are using Google maps so you can adjust your settings to help them see what they want to see.

You know that your marketing budget is always under strain. By taking advantage of free directories and the low cost of services offered by Google can help you get more exposure in your community. Get online and start experimenting with the services and directories available. Keep track of increases to your customer flow and website traffic to see what a difference your efforts have made.

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