Advantages of Using Dental Veneers in Salem OR

by | Apr 6, 2015 | Dentist

One of the most difficult issues for people to deal with when it comes to their appearance can be having stained or misshaped teeth. Many times a person who feels his or her teeth are not attractive will avoid smiling, talking to people or social situations. This can have a negative impact on the person’s social life and their work life as well. In such situations, it may be a good idea to consider seeing a dentist about veneers in Salem OR.

When a person has issues with the way his or her teeth look, they may not really need to have their teeth removed. Sometimes teeth can look unsightly and be very healthy. If this is the case, a dentist may prefer not to remove the teeth, but rather to use veneers in Salem OR to cover up the negative aspects of the patient’s teeth.

Dental veneers in Salem OR are designed to be placed over a person’s natural teeth. Veneers are made from thin porcelain. The porcelain is formed into shells used to cover the stained or misshaped teeth. This can be a great way to make a person’s smile more appealing, while keeping their natural teeth.

One of the first steps a dentist will need to complete for a patient interested in dental veneers in Salem OR is a thorough tooth exam. The dentist will need to make sure the teeth to receive the veneers are in excellent health and have no other problems. Once this is determined, the dentist will need to remove a thin layer of the enamel from the patient’s tooth. This will make it possible for the veneers to be fitted against the gum line in a smooth way.

Molds will be taken of the patient’s teeth and then sent to a lab where the actual veneers will be created. Once they are complete, a dentist will need to spend time fitting the veneers to the patient’s teeth so they are smooth and even. The veneers will then be permanently put in place using dental cement.

By suing this type of dental treatment, a person can avoid unsightly teeth without the need to have his or her natural teeth removed. This can be a great advantage in maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile.

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