Additions that Can Require Residential Electric Service in Wichita, Kansas

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Electronics and Electrical

Residential electricity is a powerful force as it flows into the home. This is why most electrical projects should be regulated to the experts. If you intend on making one of these big changes to your electrical system, an inspection may also be required. Since messing with the electrical system can also put your home at risk of fire, you should never attempt to start the project yourself.

One of the big changes that can affect the residential electric service in Wichita Kansas is the addition of electricity to a garage or an outdoor shed. If you want electricity in these areas, the electrician will check to see if your panel can handle the extra demand. If not, an upgrade is needed. A new breaker will also be installed specifically for this division of power.

Outdoor lighting additions can also cause big changes in your electrical service. Like the garage or shed, this system will be run on separate breakers. More than one breaker may control the different zones of your outdoor lighting. It will depend on the amount of power and lighting needed as well as how the system is setup. The electrician will have to determine the electrical requirements with an electrical lighting plan.

The addition of electrical equipment in the garage such as an air compressor that will become a permanent part of your electrical load is another change that can affect your residential electric service in Wichita Kansas. If you want these items to be hardwired into your system, they will need an individual breaker for safety reasons. This allows the electricity to be shut off only to that item. In addition, the amount of electrical load when in use that these items add to the system will have to be compared to your maximum limit. This will ensure that you are not exceeding the limits for your house.

While there are many things that can increase the demand for your residential electric service, the addition of a major load may require additional breakers as well as an upgraded system. Because of the hazards associated with electricity, you should never attempt to make changes to your electrical panel without an expert.

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