Why Choose a Dog Hotel In Lafayette?

by | Jul 11, 2016 | Pets

No doubt you love your dog which is the first reason why when you have to be apart overnight you should choose a dog hotel in Lafayette. Making your separation as painless as possible comes down to a couple of things. Do you feel comfortable leaving your dog with the arrangements that you have made for them? Do you think your dog will have fun while you are gone?

What Can You Expect For Your Dog At a Dog Hotel?
Ensuring that you have peace of mind while you are gone means knowing what is going to happen with your dog while you are not together.  A hotel that is dedicated to taking exceptional care of your dog  can offer a wide range of services that are geared toward making your dog’s stay a real vacation for them. You should expect:

*Plenty of opportunities for play
*Structured exercise routines away from the hotel
*Cage free spaces
*A dedicated staff
*A clean facility

One of the best reasons to choose a dog hotel is because the focus is always on taking care of the guests. There are plenty of place to play and have fun with other guests and with the humans that are tasked with making their stays exceptional.  You can expect that in addition to the free roaming play areas that your dog will be walked regularly each day while you are a way and your dog is a guest.  The facility is clean and the staff is always friendly at a dog hotel.

Send Your Dog on Vacation
If you want peace of mind while you are away, send your dog on their own vacation.  The Tail Haven is a dedicated hotel for dogs that offers all the services that any guest would love!

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