What you need to know about using a video inspection system

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Business

A video inspection system is used in commercial or industrial applications to detect any product errors prior to production. Any industry can benefit from implementing this state of the art system into their operational procedures. For the highest quality results that are guaranteed to be as error free as possible, the use of a video inspection system is recommended. Although this type of system can also be used with labeling, packaging, and more, it is traditionally used for printing.

How the video inspection system works

Business owners who need to use a video inspection system for web offset printing will find that their jobs are made much easier with the use of this advanced technology. During the process of proofing, the live feed from the camera is linked to a machine with the right software downloaded. Then the feed is analyzed constantly in order to detect any deviations or errors. The specific software used is created specifically for use with the video inspection system and detects any errors from the visual feed received from the camera.

What happens when an error is detected

Depending on which error is picked up by the machine, an alarm will be sounded, warning lights may come on, or the entire system may shut down. This ensures that the error can be corrected before it is too late. When an error is not caught using an inspection system, it could easily cost a business hundreds or thousands of dollars in costs. To avoid the unnecessary expense and time expenditure, the use of a video inspection system is highly recommended.

Optimizing production processes

Production processes can be highly optimized by using video inspection systems for the best results. Although it may take an initial investment to pay for the software, cameras, and machine, the end results will more than cover the cost. By eliminating the need for manual monitoring, it is possible to ensure that the production process is operating at its highest capacity.

Monitoring results in real time

When using a video inspection system for web inspection, the operator can easily monitor results in real time. When errors are detected, they can be adjusted at that moment or documented for later alteration. This results in increased convenience and flexibility throughout the proofing process.

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