What to Understand Before Scheduling Your Newborn Portrait Photography in Cincinnati OH

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Business

Many new parents are excited about having a professional help them with Newborn Portrait Photography in Cincinnati OH. After all, it’s the first set of photographs they’re going to have done with the baby and they’re going to be able to keep those photographs forever. A person should contact a professional when they are nearing the end of their second trimester to obtain a tentative date for the photoshoot, but there is a little more they will need to know before the session occurs.

The baby should still be newborn. It’s a good idea to have the pictures done during the baby’s first week. After the second week, it’s much harder to get them in those cute poses the parents really want.
The baby should be well fed and sleepy. It’s usually a good idea to feed the baby a few minutes before the photographer arrives so they’ll be sleepy for their portraits. However, they will not stay asleep the whole time. They’ll likely need to be fed again during the session to help them stay sleepy and cooperative.
The baby will make a mess. Babies go to the bathroom a lot, and they won’t be in a diaper for their portraits. The parents should have wipes, burp clothes, and more close by to help clean up any mess the baby makes.

Props should be arranged ahead of time. It’s a good idea for the parents to think about any special pictures they want and find the props they might need ahead of time. This way, they can let the photographer know what they want and make sure everything’s ready when the baby is.

The parents should stay calm. It’s natural for a parent who’s paying a lot for portraits to worry that they’re not going to get the pictures they want, especially if the baby isn’t cooperating at first. A parent should do whatever they can to remain calm during the photo shoot, as this can help calm down the baby.

These are just a few things new parents should understand about Newborn Portrait Photography in Cincinnati OH. If you’re expecting a baby and you’d like to have newborn portraits done, be sure to visit for more information.

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