What To Look For In Sinks For The Disabled

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Salons

For many people, being handicapped is a major part of their life. Either they themselves are handicapped, or one of their immediate family circle is. When someone has a disability and must be in a wheelchair much of the time, his or her lifestyle and habits can change drastically. Things that were once simple everyday tasks become more difficult and it can be challenging for people who are independent and used to doing things for themselves. Fortunately, professionals can install specialized equipment, including sinks for disabled people. Having a sink that he or she can use without help from family or caregivers will be a tremendous relief to the mind of the wheelchair patient.

Finding The Right Sinks For Disabled People

Whether you have a disability and you wish to still do things for yourself without the assistance of your family members or caregiver, or if you are taking care of someone with a handicap, something very helpful you can do is have special sinks for the disabled installed in your kitchen or bathroom. There are several things you should take into consideration when shopping for a sink for the disabled that will meet all your requirements.

* Is It Easily Accessible? – If the person in question has a walker or wheelchair, the sink for the disabled has to be designed so the person can get up close to the sink without having to be helped. The sink needs to be low enough that a person in a wheelchair can easily use it, but have enough space underneath that the wheelchair can fit and the person can get close.

* What Are The Disabled’s Needs? – Consider what other special requirements the handicapped person has and incorporate features into the sink for the disabled person. If he or she has a vision impairment, use bright, contrasting colors that are easy to see. For the utmost safety, cover any exposed drain pipes with a protective heat resistant substance to protect against burns and scalds. The faucet should be easy for any handicapped person to use; probably the best choice is a motion sensing faucet. A pull out spray faucet is another good option so the disabled person can have his or her hair washed conveniently.

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