What to Look for in Pet Boarding Services in Phoenix MD

by | Apr 7, 2015 | Pets

With a business trip looming in the near future, there is the need to decide who will take care of the family dog. One way to ensure the pet receives all the attention needed is to check out the different Pet Boarding Services in Phoenix MD. Here are some qualities that the right service must possess in order to take proper care of the furry member of the family.

Secure and Safe Places for Sleeping

Make it a point to visit each of the Pet Boarding Services in Phoenix MD and take a look at the spaces set aside for the pets to sleep. Are they comfortable and provide enough room to move around with a relatively decent amount of freedom? Are there attendants on duty around the clock who can check on the sleeping pets and make sure they are doing fine? If the sleeping spaces seem cramped or there is no overnight staff, take that as a sign to move on to the next service.


Pets need the chance to be out in the fresh air and exercise. Make sure that the service has a secure setting for this to take place. Ideally, the recreation will also include staff members who are outside with the pets and can play with them a little each day. Pets crave attention and having a human or two who is willing to toss a Frisbee or play a nice game of tug of war will certainly go a long way toward keeping the pet happy.

Grooming Options

As long as the pet will be staying for a few days, why not have some basic grooming addressed? Determine what the service offers in the way of bathing, trimming nails and fur, and brushing coats. The pet will like the attention, and the owner will be able to bring home a pet who is clean and happy.

Whether the need is to board a pet for the weekend or for a longer period of time, visit Sitename and check out all the services offered. It will only take a little effort to book a reservation and be assured that the pet will be in the best of hands.

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