What is a CNC Milling Service?

by | Sep 3, 2015 | CNC Machine Service

CNC milling has become a more popular way to produce tools and equipment than saw cutting. cnc milling means that the mill is operated by a unique computer. This advanced technology makes the milling process faster, cleaner and more accurate.

How It Works
Mill cutting is more accurate than cutting with a blade. A mill works by using a CNC machine with sharp teeth to shave off small bits of an item at a time. It will make many small cuts in a quick and efficient manner to achieve the desired result. Because a mill cutter will go back and forth over the area to shave off the correct amount of material, the product surface remains straight. However, the surface will take on the ridges of the cutter so it will no longer be smooth.

Face Milling
This is a specific type of CNC milling service used specifically for flat objects. Face milling typically uses the edge of the mill cutter to perform a series of small cuts in one direction to create a straight line. This is often used in workplaces or to trim flat-bottomed devices.

Peripheral Milling
Peripheral Milling is a CNC milling service that applies to objects of different shapes. Rather than creating a straight line, the mill cutter will shape the device through the same series of small cuts. Peripheral milling is commonly used to cut deep crevices or to create oddly shaped devices through cutting.

Gang Milling
Just like the name implies, the CNC milling service, sometimes called gang milling, constitutes two mill cutters sharing an arbor and performing similar or different cuts. This is often used when a variety of cuts are required for a specific product. It is also common when a multitude of the same cuts are needed because you can run two mills at the same time.

CNC milling has made production extremely less labor-intensive. With CNC technology, the mill worker can simply set mills to the correct cut specifications, and it will run on its own. Even before CNC technology, though, manual mill cutting was more efficient and accurate than regular saw cutting.

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