What Happens When You Have Botox in CT?

Do you have lines, wrinkles and furrows on your face that make you look much older than you would like? If so, you are certainly not alone. Many people have a difficult time dealing with the aging process, because it can be so unkind to some. If you are not happy with the appearance of your skin, you may want to consider learning more about Botox in CT. Through Botox treatments, your lines and wrinkles can be a thing of the past so your skin is smooth and much younger-looking.

When you go in for Botox in CT, you can expect the treatment to be a fairly quick one. Most treatments are carried out in under thirty minutes. You will have Botox injections injected into each of the lines being treated. This treatment is perfect for smile and laugh lines, forehead wrinkles and even lines around the eyes.

Botox works because it temporarily stops the nerves from sending messages to the muscles to cause them to contract. It is this contraction that cause the lines, wrinkles and furrows in your skin. Once you have been treated with Botox, these areas will naturally smooth out so they are no longer lined.

You will need several injections in the area being treated. The results of each treatment will typically last six months and up to a year. After your treatment, you may have some redness, irritation and swelling in the treated area. This is normal and will go away shortly. Your doctor will give you instructions on providing relief to the area.

Those who have Botox treatment are able to get beautiful results without having to go through expensive and dangerous plastic surgery procedures. In a matter of minutes, your lines and wrinkles can be taken care of so you can look much younger.

If you are tired of looking older and want to do something about your lines and wrinkles, contact Martin Cosmetic Surgery. Through a consultation appointment, you can learn more about Botox and whether or not it can treat your skin. Call today for your appointment so you can learn more.




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