What Can Be Done for a Fractured Tooth in South Elgin IL?

A fracture to your tooth can be devastating to deal with. Tooth fractures can be caused by an injury, through eating or even by grinding your teeth at night. If you are suffering from a Fractured Tooth in South Elgin IL, it is imperative you get to your dentist right away. The dentist may be able to repair your tooth and prevent its death so you do not have to have it extracted.

If you are dealing with a superficial crack, there is no real danger to your tooth. Most of these cracks are in the enamel area only. The dentist can easily fill these types of cracks and help to prevent them from spreading and causing you ongoing sensitivity and pain.

If you have a true fracture, this means all of the layers of your tooth have broken through. If the break only goes to the gum line, your dentist may be able to save your tooth through a root canal procedure.

In this procedure, your tooth is opened and the soft inner tissues are removed. This process also involves removing the nerve. Once these structures are removed, your tooth can be filled with a special filling material that will fully seal the tooth and the break. This makes your tooth stronger and less likely to become damaged.

Once the filling has been properly cured, your tooth will be sealed with a sealant material. This further protects the vulnerable areas of your tooth and makes it stronger. The sealant will be cured using a special hardening light.

In the event your fracture runs all the way to the root, your dentist will need to extract it. Once the root is damaged, the tooth will no longer have a blood supply and will end up dying.

If you have suffered from a Fractured Tooth in South Elgin IL, Visit Foxriverperiodontics.com. Through their services, they will do all they can to prevent you from losing your tooth. Call today and schedule an appointment so you can learn what can be done about repairing your broken tooth so it is not in danger.

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