What Boat Owners Should Know About Watercraft Insurance

by | Dec 10, 2015 | Insurance

A boat is one of the best purchases a person can make. It gives them a place to spend their days while enjoying the sun. There are many things that a person can do on a boat. They can go fishing, entertain friends, or just enjoy the peaceful tranquility of the water. Before a person purchases a boat, it is important that they purchase watercraft insurance. Before purchasing, it is important that they understand what the insurance covers.

Liability Insurance
This type of watercraft coverage is important if a person is in any type of accident while on the water. It will cover damage if the other boat involved in an accident is damaged, property damage, and any injuries sustained in the accident.

Physical Damage Coverage
This insurance will protect the boat should it collide with another boat or a submerged object. Either scenario can cause serious damage to the boat. This type of insurance would pay for the boat repairs or to replace it if necessary.

Medical Coverage
If a person is hurt as a result of a boat accident, this type of insurance would cover their medical bills. This is very important to have. If the boat owner does not have this coverage, they could be held responsible for the injured person’s medical bills.

Personal Property Coverage
If anyone’s personal property is damaged or destroyed during a boat accident, this insurance will pay to repair or replace the items.

Towing Coverage
This insurance is very important. If a boat breaks down on the water, runs out of gas, or is damaged in an accident and cannot be driven, this insurance would cover the cost to tow the boat to shore. Having this insurance can save the boat owner hundreds of dollars if there is a problem on the water.

Loss Coverage
If a boat is damaged due to a fire, flood, hurricane, collision, sinking, or theft, and it is a total loss, this insurance would cover the cost of replacing the boat.

Nobody should purchase a boat without also purchasing watercraft insurance. If something happens while out of the water, it can be extremely costly without this insurance. For more information, visit Coastautoinsurance.com.

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