Using a Maid Service in Columbus, OH for Spring Cleaning

by | Jan 29, 2015 | Business

Have you ever stopped to wonder why it is that so many people seem to choose to do their deepest and most thorough house cleaning in the springtime? It’s a very popular and well-known fact that this is what virtually everyone refers to as “spring cleaning.” Using a maid service in Columbus, OH can certainly help you get your spring cleaning done a lot faster and more efficiently, but where did this term come from originally?

Where Did The Term “Spring Cleaning” Come From?

Based on some different cultural and religious practices, there are actually several separate suggested origins for the term, “spring cleaning.” Every year, the Jewish celebration Passover, takes place in either March or April. Before the celebration, they usually completely clean the whole home. Any food made with “leavened yeast” which is referred to as “chametz,” is forbidden to be in the home during Passover; therefore, even the tiniest specks of crumbs and grains must be precisely cleaned up and removed from the home.

The Persian New Year celebration is another origin for the spring-cleaning term. It is called Nouroz, and it takes place right at the onset of the spring season. As a part of the Persian New Year tradition, just before Nourox began, the women would clean everything in the house right before Nouroz begins. This cleaning process was extremely thorough, and it included floors, ceilings, drapes, and even furniture. It was officially called “khooneh takouni” which means, “shaking the house.”

A little later on in history, there was a time when many Greeks and Eastern Orthodox Churches would conduct spring cleaning process that was a week-long either just before or during the first week of Lent.

In Europe and North America in the early 1900’s before the vacuum cleaner had been invented, March was usually the best time of the year for people to dust  because the weather was finally warm enough for windows and doors to be opened, and the winds would carry the dust out of their houses.

Spring Cleaning Today With a Maid Service in Columbus

Not too long ago, Both individuals and maid/cleaning services would spring clean with chemicals that would generate harsh fumes, and that was one of the reasons they would clean in the spring so they could open the windows to air out the fumes.

Maid service in Columbus today for your spring-cleaning no longer has to include harsh and/or potentially hazardous cleaning products, and hiring a maid service in Columbus can also help you get all of your spring cleaning completed in much less time than it would take for you to finish it all on your own.

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